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Board of Directors


Mr. Kamaji Gangadharrao Pawar

Founder PresidentThe progress of a society depends on the progress of its students - they lend to it strength, stability, dignity, love and knowledge and its very perpetuation. Emancipation of students of their social and economic status have been the exigent priority of a wide cadre of social reformers.

We at MPGI are committed to the cause of students education - creating practical avenues for them to pursue their creative interests that can later serve as their means of livelihood, helping them to attain financial independence, an important goal because from there comes the freedom of personal choice.

We at MPGI endeavor to equip all our students with the insight to objectively evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and be convinced about the choices they make in every aspect of their life from marriage to career choices. The knowledge imparted to them by a qualified staff and an able managing committee will enable them to be free in their creative expressions and lend them conviction and the experience to face new challenges.

There is still a long way to go before the total realization of our ultimate goal but with constant cooperation and social support, we would reach the pinnacle of success in no time.

Mr. Kamaji Gangadharrao Pawar,
Board of Director, MPGI Integrated Campus



Founder President


Founder President