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Founder PresidentThe Group has been facilitating fulfillment of dreams of many. At MPGI Group, we not only meet your quest for knowledge but also we inspire and nurture the stamina you will need to actualize your potential. We believe in building and strengthening foundation on a wide base of knowledge and skills, which includes the elements of professional, subjective, practical and spiritual base. In our academic programmes, we are sworn to drive our capabilities and energies to attain excellence. It can be called a passion shared equally by the institute's faculty, students, corporate sponsors and alumni. And through our academic programme, we nurture leaders of tomorrow who would shape the destiny of business and industrial organizations in the new millennium, already begun. We aim to develop the best minds in Management & Technical education.

Our fraternity does not believe in stuffing the information/knowledge in the minds of our students but encourages them to 'search' for knowledge from conventional and new sources. MPGI builds character and confidence and encourages a collaborative spirit, with different personalities and diverse mindsets.

Major N. V. Chavan
Registrar, MPGI Integrated Campus