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Campus Life


Campus Life @ MPGI is academically inspiring, intellectually and professionally challenging and emotionally vibrant. MPGI offers a wide range of avenues for the student to evolve into a good professional and a good human being.  The different activities like Tech Fest, workshops, Seminars, debates, conferences, Guest Lectures, mini projects and competitions offer the students a platform to perform and present their latent talents. The students are much benefitted by the Institution- industry interaction. The industrial visits are memorable and mesmerizing under the guidance of the faculty where they are provided the opportunity to observe and understand the technology in operations and there by link their concepts to practice. The cultural and literary activities help the students in bringing their inherent talents to the fore. Thus our students emerge out as winners both in their career and life.

The institute believes that the true potentials of students cannot be realized through academics alone. The students need to be provided with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents in extra- curricular activities as well. Accordingly, our academic programs are backed up with appropriate co- curricular and extra-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance, ethics and values; all of which help the students towards becoming complete.

No doubt, the students’ life at MPGI is unique and they cherish the campus memories throughout in their life.

Confluence 2010-11

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Confluence 2011-12

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