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Department of Civil Engineering


About Department

The world's increasing demand for energy, water and the need to minimize and control climate change, requires civil engineers to be at the forefront, using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure adequate food, water and mobility for generations to come.

The work of civil engineers is everywhere. The roads and bridges we travel on, sure. The buildings we live, work and play in, too. But also systems that bring us clean water and take away waste. Strategies that help us recover from disasters. Energy innovations to power the future. Technologies for green buildings. New materials and sensors for smart infrastructure systems. Projects to alleviate poverty. In other words, work that readies our modern world for a growing, aging human population and makes life better in our communities. Civil engineers are problem solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and global leaders. And we train some of the best. The department of civil engineering is as eye-opening experience for students because they get the chance to explore a subject that they are interested in and understand how that subject will prepare them for various careers.