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Polytechnic: About Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department

HoD’s Message


Polytechnic Education has undergone many conceptual changes since its establishment as a discipline of serious study, innovation and research. We emphasis on innovation and personal ingenuity. The education and training in this period were "the efficacy of education and training depended largely on the personal skill of the trainers in operating, manipulating and developing new machines and gadgets. We have excellent resourceful faculty dedicated to teaching, To make students competitive and internationally acceptable by the way of imparting foreign language as well as personality development training.

I feel the prospects of an Diploma holder’s Educational Training is as profoundly practical as it is Profoundly Theoretical that will embrace Cultivation of Human Qualities as will enable Diploma holder’s to meet Men as well as Matter. The future is promising and let us makes a joint Endeavour to mould the institute enriched with a long tradition and scientific achievements into a temple of learning, widening the horizons of science and technology in service to the community and society.

Phiske U.B.
Head of Department of Elect. and Tele. Engineering Department
MP’s Vishwabharti Polytechnic Nanded