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Polytechnic: About Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department

About Department

Electronic sector has revolutionized every aspect of life in recent years. Integrated communication systems have become prominent in the global village scenario. Automation has led to the vast industrial growth. Electronics and telecommunication Diploma holder's now have ample opportunities in entertainment, transport, industrial automation, biomedical field and telecommunications industries. This has resulted in ever-increasing demand of electronics as well as telecommunication Diploma holder's in Indian industry.

It is the Age of Information in which the Electronics and Telecommunication plays a vital role in almost every field. This department contributes to the process of producing efficient and resourceful Diploma holder's by embedding the R&D capabilities of the recent trends. The primary objective of the department is to impart quality education, training and research at the Diploma levels in various areas of Electronics and Telecommunication polytechnic's emphasis on design aspects of electronic systems. Here the students are given more practical exposures and innovative methodologies for the design and development in the electronics field, which is the backbone for all polytechnic's disciplines. It offers an excellent field infrastructure and study environment. It has well qualified and experienced faculty with areas of specialization in communication systems, Signal and Image processing, Embedded systems and Applied Electronics .The well-equipped lab facilities favor individual concentration as there are not more than two or three students in any practical group.

Electronics and Telecommunication polytechnic's caters to the needs of the ultra modern society. It forms a framework for the entire communication network and brings people from diverse backgrounds under its wide canopy.