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Polytechnic: Mechanical Engineering Department


HoD’s Message

I am very proud of what our faculty, students, technical and support staff, and alumni have accomplished in this great Department established in 2009. This is an exciting time for the Department, as we reflect our part of history to the outside world as our first batch passed out recently. Now we look ahead to the new opportunities and challenges from the rapid engineering development in Maharashtra and the region.

Mechanical Engineers are central to any successful economy with an ever increasing demand for higher level qualification particularly in India. Mechanical Engineering envisages the development, design, manufacturing and maintenance of machinery.

The present age demands Mechanical Engineering specialists who have the capacity of adaptability and creativity in the new technical areas. Mechanical Engineers should have knowledge not only in their own specialized fields but also in wide interdisciplinary fields.

The massage I want to give to my students is “No matter what people say, no matter what they think, sometime NEVER DOUBT YOUR SELF. You have more strength than you believe, there is more fight than we know and far more potential than we could ever imagine. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure doesn’t mean I have achieved nothing, it does mean I have learnt something. Believe in yourself despite of setbacks and remember that YOU ARE NOT ‘SOME BODY’ BUT ‘SOMEBODY’. I personally believe that there is no need to try to become a great man because, being a man is great enough. And finally respect your life. Remember that we get life once but if we live it well, once is enough. Make the most of your present and keep in mind my final massage DON’T EXPECT BUT ACCEPT AND KEEP EXPLORING. Signing off with positive anticipation. Thanks.

Best Regards:

Head of the Department Mechanical Engineering
Matoshri Pratishthan’s Vishwabharati Polytechnic Institute