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Polytechnic: Mechanical Engineering Department


Staff Acchievement

Most of the staff members at Mechanical department are post graduate. Some of them are pursuing their post graduations and doctorate as well. Besides from this, department do send the faculty members regularly to attain the content updating programs sponsored by MSBTE, Mumbai.

National / International Paper Published
SN Name of Faculty Journal/ Conference National/International Number of papers
1 Mr. Shaikh Tauseef Conference International + National 01+ 03
2 Mr. Rajmore P.G. Conference International 01

Book Published
SN Name of Faculty Name of Book Published Publication
1 Mr. Shaikh Tauseef 1. Engineering Mechanics for Diploma E-Scheme.
2. Strength of Material for Diploma E-Scheme.
3. Engineering Mechanics for Diploma G-Scheme.
4. Strength of Material for Diploma G-Scheme.
[* All the Books are with separate I.S.B.N. number]
Vision Prakashan, Pune.